Great Scott! Marty McFly Shoes Real?

If my calculations are correct, this is definitely happening. Good, because I’ve wanted these for 20 years. No word yet on an official release date but more to come.

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SportsCenter: Brian Wilson - Fear the Beard

Happy opening day!

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Seriously Touch The Rainbow

New viral ad for Skittles makes me feel funny inside.

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Cravendale Spot - Cats with Thumbs

Wieden + Kennedy London’s 60 second spot for Cravendale milk illustrates a world where cats have thumbs.

Oh wait, they already do.

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IBM Smarter Planet Outcomes Posters

A year ago, IBM launched the Smarter Planet campaign, suggesting that by making the world’s systems smarter, many of its problems can be faced in completely new ways. But what actually happens when the planet gets smarter? Profits rise. Energy gets saved. Savings get made. Lives get saved. Systems and cities start to work. This new campaign shows the evidence of smart things happening round the world. The outcomes of building a smarter planet are drawn out in this print advertising campaign from Ogilvy France and Dutch Uncle London. Chicken Lips, Bino Wheels, Train Cases, Neck Tie, Pig Plate and Hold Up have been shortlisted for poster design at the London International Awards.

There are 12 of these posters so check them out at The Inspiration Room.

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Captain America Movie Super Bowl Spot in HD

Red Skull looks awesome. View and download 30 hi-res photos from the trailer at The HD Room.

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Watch Every Super Bowl XLV Ad

In case you missed it, watch all the Super Bowl XLV Ads on Mashable.
You can also vote for your favorites on Hulu or YouTube.

Sesame Street: Smell Like A Monster

Sesame Street does the Old Spice ad, The Man Your Man Could Smell Like, with Grover talking about the word “on.” The promo is for And you can talk to Grover on Facebook here.

SFGate said it best: Kudos to Sesame Street for entertaining our kids while also never failing to give the adults a laugh. After all these years, the popular children’s TV show remains fresh–and spicy.

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Grow a Virtual 'Stache with CamStache

Like an Augmented Reality Moustache, only you don’t have to hold up a pesky AR code. CamStache magically grows a moustache on your upper lip and tracks your face as you stare in wonder. Snap a pic and share your glory with friends on Facebook and Twitter. An iPhone app version will be out soon.

Why’d we do this? All to get people in the mood for Petaluma Whiskerino & Crafterino this Saturday, October 9th. Are you growing to be there?

This Goatee-and-Ear-Plug combo is actually from the face of the CamStache developer, Malcolm Wilson.

Picture yourself with a winning Whiskerino ‘stache at

Petaluma Whiskerino: ‘Beardo Optico’ Video

Every year gentlemen far and near seek new ways to gain an edge in the great Petaluma Whiskerino beard and moustache contest. Some even turn to beard “Fibering.” A practice frowned upon by judges for reasons of ethics and risk. Watch what happens when I dabble in this forbidden-follicled art.

Music: Dan Deacon “The Crystal Cat”

Saturday, October 9th 2010
at the Petaluma Farmers’ Market


See last year’s video here.

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