Super 7: Imperial Forces Wallpaper

Fill up your office, collectibles room or space station with this wallpaper by Super 7. These hand screened wallpaper features textured portraits of Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and members of the Empire.

Buy them on Super 7.

[Thanks Nat.]

Turn Your Propane Tank Into a Gigantic Lego Head

BAH why didn’t I think of this? So simple.

The full instructions are at Instructables but it’s just as easy as it sounds: a lot of spray paint and enamel hobby paint for the face. Congratulations, you just made the best conversation starter at a BBQ ever.

[via Gizmodo.]

Retro Lego Stop Motion Games

More 8-bit awesomeness from Rymdreglage, who brought you the 8-bit trip. Going to have to bust out the NES this weekend.

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Epic 25 Years of Zelda Poster

25 years of Zelda summed up in one epic poster. Click here for the full size image.

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Photography: Back to the Future Project

Buenos Aires based photographer, Irina Werning, has an ongoing project inviting people to relive photo moments of their past.

Most of us are fascinated by their retro look but to me, it’s imagining how people would feel and look like if they were to reenact them today…

Check out the rest of the series here.

[thanks Phil.]

IBM Smarter Planet Outcomes Posters

A year ago, IBM launched the Smarter Planet campaign, suggesting that by making the world’s systems smarter, many of its problems can be faced in completely new ways. But what actually happens when the planet gets smarter? Profits rise. Energy gets saved. Savings get made. Lives get saved. Systems and cities start to work. This new campaign shows the evidence of smart things happening round the world. The outcomes of building a smarter planet are drawn out in this print advertising campaign from Ogilvy France and Dutch Uncle London. Chicken Lips, Bino Wheels, Train Cases, Neck Tie, Pig Plate and Hold Up have been shortlisted for poster design at the London International Awards.

There are 12 of these posters so check them out at The Inspiration Room.

[thanks Mike B.]

If We Don't, Remember Me: Collection of Animated GIFs from Movies

If We Don’t, Remember Me is an animated gif blog dedicated to small details from film and cinema. Some of the really subtle ones are beautiful.

View them all here.

[thanks Ron.]

Google Engineer Turns Subway Lines Into Musical Instruments

Google engineer Alexander Chen created an HTML5 site using a NYC subway map. A musical note plays when lines intersect or when you rollover. Try it for yourself at

And read the article on Gizmodo or Fastco.

[thanks Greg.]

The Dark Side of Typography

Evan Travelstead has created his own version of Darth Vader using typography and Vader quotes.

via Gizmodo.

[thanks Greg.]

Video Games vs. Real Life

London-based graphic designer & illustrator Aled Lewis mashes up classic 8-bit video game characters into pictures he’s taken from his travels around the world. You might recognize some of his other work like The Horde T-Shirt on Threadless.

View the whole Video Games vs. Real Life series on Flickr.

[via The Jailbreak.]