P.O.O.P.T. (Passed Out On Public Transportation)

A photo series of commuters; the tired, the over worked, the partied, Passed Out On Public Transportation or simply, P.O.O.P.T.

No Cats on the Blog

NCOTB is my new favorite blog. I stumbled upon it today and its filled with internet awesomeness. Its actually what this blog should really be…

See more at NCOTB.

All Things Ackbar: It’s a blog!

You don’t realize how many spoofs have been done about Admiral Ackbar until they are all in one place. All Things Ackbar is a blog that features everything Achbar.

Submit your own Ackbar to submissions@allthingsackbar.com. Actually don’t.

Nic Cage as Everyone


When I saw the blog, Nic Cage as Everyone, I was crying because I laughed so hard.
Then I had to submit one. Hopefully PeeWee will show up on the blog soon…

Submit yours to niccageaseveryone@gmail.com

[Thanks Shaun.]

Beard Revue

Limited edition poster by Michael Buchino.
Check out the Flickr photos here.

Laith McGregor has some awesome beard artwork like this one.

Beard Revue is a blog dedicated for beard enthusiasts to review, comment on, and discuss beards. Content ranges from pop artists to tattoos to beard discussions about celebrities. [via Top 10: List by Jon]

Blog: Awkward Family Photos

Trying to spread awkwardness one family photo at a time.
Check out the site here. …Awwwwkward…

Thanks Mel.