Taco Bell: Taco Shells Made of Doritos

Is this real life? Yes.

I’m not sure how this got through the focus groups, but apparently this is real. If you’re a fan, you can support the Taco Shells made from Doritos Movement on Facebook.

Thanks Tom.
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Firelit Coffee Liqueur Release Party

Firelit Coffee Liqueur has been on the streets for over a month. After tasting it during their release party last weekend, I can’t wait to get my hands on one. Made from Blue Bottle Coffee and brandy, my favorite drink of the night was the Breakfast of Champions (with egg white and bacon).

Visit FirelitSpirits.com or become a fan on Facebook.

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Rumor: KFC Introduces Fried Chicken as Bread

Imagine if the KFC “double down” was real?! You know what this could mean for fried chicken, bacon, and fried chicken? I’m going to KFC tonight.

Read the full story on consumerist > foodgeekery [Thanks Mel.]

Psycho Donuts

Head Trauma Donut.

Padded cell.

Psycho Donuts: taking donuts to the next demented level. This donut shop has its own padded cell, original artwork, and unique donuts filled with raspberry guts. Read the yelp reviews here.

Thanks Wonq > The Scavenger.

Bacon Explosion

The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes got me searching for a few food blogs.
Here are my favorite two: This is why you’re fat and Scanwiches.

Thanks Wardinger.