Spotted: Woody Harrelson Zombieland x Cheers Tattoo

Nice tat. Zombie Woody Boyd (from Cheers) quotes expert zombie killer Tallahassee (Zombieland). Spotted on the barista at Special Xtra on Minna.

Thunder-LOL-cats: The internet has met its match

Dont laugh, this is going to be a real cartoon someday.

[thanks Rey.]

Admiral Ackbar In “Pulp Fiction”

The Rebel Alliance’s beloved fish monster tells Nien Nunb about his trip to Europe during the Battle of Endor.

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Darth Polo - An elegant polo for a more civilized age


Geeky design by GyleDesigns. Its not available yet but if you want it, we have to vote it through on Threadless.

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Hunting Space Invaders

Nice old school meets old school.

[thanks Fred.]

Dad Photoshops Ewoks Into His Family Pictures to Convince His Kids Ewoks Were Real

Dad of the year, Anthony Herrera, brought his kids to Sequoia National Park and told them Ewoks lived there. Of course, his kids ended up being disappointed when they didn’t see any Ewoks there. But don’t worry! Herrera added Ewoks to the background of his family pictures.

Thanks Ron.

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Darth Bater: Dark Knight x Dark Side Mashup

I find your lack of bat disturbing…

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FaceTracker: Swap Faces with Anyone

Be like Castor Troy and take someone’s face…off…

Realtime face substitution. Made with Kyle McDonald’s ofxFacetracker + Jason Saragih’s facetracker library. View their link here.

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Super Smash Land - Epic Demake of Supers Smash Bros

Super Smash Land is N64′s Smash Bros designed to look and feel like it is being played on the original Nintendo Gameboy. Artist and programmer, Dan Fornace, has created this fan-project to work on PCs. I need to get to a PC NOW.

No contest.

[thanks sara.]

Super Mario Bros In A Box

Nice use of arduino technology to create a side-scrolling physical video game in a box.

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