"Full House" without Michelle

Super creepy and weird.

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AT-ATs Invade Winter Olympics, Wreak Havoc On Skiers


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Pornhub Comments on Valentines

Just in time for Valentines Day. Read them all here.

Epic Super Bowl Commercial

Daddy, what do you do when you go to work? ‪

Best COPS moment

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OMG! 美语 American Girl Teaches Slang to Chinese Speakers

Jessica Beinecke, a 24 year old Ohio native who speaks fluent Mandarin, teaches Chinese speakers how to use American slang on her YouTube channel OMG Meiyu. Highlights include “Totes magotes!!” and “You’re such a PEACH!.”

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Noses

These are rad. I don’t know how we didn’t see these Ninja Turtles before. They were right in front of us. View more on buzzfeed.

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Marionette Dances to Aidonia Song

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Mind Bottling: Exploding Popsicle Stick Wave

Thousands upon thousands of rainbow popsicle sticks, layered together into an enormous exploding chain reaction. Holy crap.

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Follow Up: 4-Year Old Son now reacts to Se7en...

Remember Faris? The four-year-old who was adorably shocked to learn the true nature of Luke and Vader’s relationship? Well, it turns out Faris was caught on tape reacting to several other famous film twists.