Evolution of the Zack Morris Brick Phone

A supercut of Zack Morris’ brick phone through the years.

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Guy on a Buffalo - Episode 1 & 2

If you are wondering where this came from, check out the original trailer here.

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Let’s Watch A Dutch Guy Scare The Living Hell Out Of A Chinese Guy On The Subway

Though it’s difficult to understand what, exactly, is being said and disappointing how, exactly, they back away from the brink without resorting to violence, it’s oddly mesmerizing to see Chinese get in the wrong Brawl Dutch’s face.

Thanks Ron.

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Free Flexor - Beats the Shake Weight

This is just getting ridiculous. How are these getting through user-testing?

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William Shatner Is Iron Man!

William Shatner in the studio recording the vocals for his cover of the Black Sabbath song Iron Man for his upcoming album Seeking Major Tom.

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Chewy Vuitton


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Devoted TMNT Fan: Krang Tattoo

You have a brilliant brain, Krang!

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WTF: Horrifying Simpsons Cosplay Will Give You Nightmares

Posted on reddit with no explaination-and none needed.

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Thunder-LOL-cats: The internet has met its match

Dont laugh, this is going to be a real cartoon someday.

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WTF? George Clooney is now George Clowney

Not since Selleck Waterfall Sandwich have I seen such a random mashup.
Check out the rest here: georgeclowney.com.