Music Video: Hapless “Cousin” feat. DJ Icewater

Hapless, aka David Kelly, has a new music video up that he animated himself. Its good – unlike the Minnesota Vikings. Oh, wait.

Buy Hapless’ new album Futile, or visit the official site.

OMG! 美语 American Girl Teaches Slang to Chinese Speakers

Jessica Beinecke, a 24 year old Ohio native who speaks fluent Mandarin, teaches Chinese speakers how to use American slang on her YouTube channel OMG Meiyu. Highlights include “Totes magotes!!” and “You’re such a PEACH!.”

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Marionette Dances to Aidonia Song

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RIP Steve Jobs

RIP Steve. You truly changed the world.

Follow Up: 4-Year Old Son now reacts to Se7en...

Remember Faris? The four-year-old who was adorably shocked to learn the true nature of Luke and Vader’s relationship? Well, it turns out Faris was caught on tape reacting to several other famous film twists.

Funny: Bad Lip-Reading Politician Soundbites

I agree with the SFE that this is the funniest thing on the internet right now. Makes me want to do one for this year’s holiday video.

Thanks Rey.

Evolution of the Zack Morris Brick Phone

A supercut of Zack Morris’ brick phone through the years.

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History Of Lyrics That Aren't Lyrics

26 songs, over 49 years. Featuring Jane Lui. Michael T. on bass and Jonathan Batiste on piano.

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Guy on a Buffalo - Episode 1 & 2

If you are wondering where this came from, check out the original trailer here.

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Let’s Watch A Dutch Guy Scare The Living Hell Out Of A Chinese Guy On The Subway

Though it’s difficult to understand what, exactly, is being said and disappointing how, exactly, they back away from the brink without resorting to violence, it’s oddly mesmerizing to see Chinese get in the wrong Brawl Dutch’s face.

Thanks Ron.

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