Kick Ass: Blast the Internets

Bookmarklet that enables you to shoot up any site you are visiting—asteroids style.

Steer with the arrow-keys. Shoot with space.
To activate click the bookmark once on your webpage of choice.
Can’t see your remaining enemies? Then press and hold B.


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Scion - Augmented Reality Game


Take on the Machine with a new kind of augmented reality game. Hold the marker like a steering wheel to race around obstacles for your fastest time against Facebook friends or a global leaderboard. It’s a part of a full campaign for the car complete with 3-D cinema spot, lenticular movie posters, print, OOH, and broadcast coming out in September.

Play the game here.

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The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet!

Really interesting article on WIRED that talks about digital culture today and how we are less about browsing and more about getting. There are some good insights in there about how we are spending less time browsing the web but are still connected to the internet through apps, gaming, mobile…

[thanks Ratcliff.]

Explosive Interview with Stallone

Sly promotes his latest movie, The Expendables, with an explosive YouTube interview. Take a look at how badass this movie is going to be and don’t forget to SHARE.

[thanks Jacob.]


Pretty nice sketch program made by Odopod. They have some nice brush effects and functionality that lets you embed your own sketch. My eye is nothing compared to what others have done. Take a look for yourself on Odosketch.

[thanks Maribel.]

Ball Pool – HTML5

Mr Doob, or Ricardo Cabello, is a designer/developer that likes to play with the possibilities on the web. He’s done a variety of work, but his latest is an HTML5 experiment that allows you create a pool of balls and shake them when you shake your browser window.

Try it out for yourself here.

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The Most Awesomest Thing Ever

Avocado versus Wayne Brady? Ninjas versus Justin Beaver? Lightsabers versus physical intimacy?

You get to vote on what’s more awesomer in Big Spaceship’s new project: The Most Awesomest Thing Ever. Only the strongest shall reach the hallowed halls of the Most Awesomest. [thanks Jacob.]

3D GIF Technique

Create the illusion of 3D by alternating two images (taken inches apart). You can make your own with a simple Javascript found here. [via Rubbishcorp.]

Baconize websites with

Mmmm….bacon…. To baconize your buddy’s site, add “” to the beginning their URL. Read more about it at Bonus! The Meat of Kings

Thanks Scott.
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