The Old 'Wake Up To Your Bed Getting Blasted 50 Meters Through The Roof' Prank

I love Japan.

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Video: He Sleep!!

Go to sleep precious.

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Best COPS moment

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…aaand I’m back. Its been a while since my last post. Time to start finding things again. Lets start with this video.

WTF: Horrifying Simpsons Cosplay Will Give You Nightmares

Posted on reddit with no explaination-and none needed.

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WTF: Disturbing Hybrid Taxidermy

Move over, Chuck Testa–Andrew Lancaster takes taxidermy, an already disturbing artform, to the next level. View more taxidermy hybrids here.

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Photos of smuggler caught with hummingbirds in underwear

Look at these cute photos of hummingbirds in a smuggler’s underwear

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WTF? George Clooney is now George Clowney

Not since Selleck Waterfall Sandwich have I seen such a random mashup.
Check out the rest here:

WTF: Thai Bakery Sells Gruesome Human Body Part Bread Sculptures

Thai artist and baker Kittiwat Unarrom bakes unsettlingly realistic bread sculptures of human body parts.

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EAReverently Trendy Ear iPhone Cases

From punk to financial advisor, EARonic iPhone cases allow you to rock the ears you’ve always wanted without being creepy whatsoever.

Look “EAReverently trendy” by throwing down $20 here.

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