Sinuous By Hakim El Hattab

Stumbled upon this addictive reflex-based game today. Reminds me of old TI calculator games…Play Sinuous.

More experiments by Hakim here.

Best COPS moment

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…aaand I’m back. Its been a while since my last post. Time to start finding things again. Lets start with this video.

Lagunitas How to Video 2: Advanced Butterfly Bottle Opener Moves

Aight. Now that you’ve got the basics down for mastering the Lagunitas Butterfly Bottle Opener, time for some advanced moves. Get ready to drop the dog leg and ipaftw.

Also, some freaky sh*t happens when you do these moves.

Music Video: Hapless “Cousin” feat. DJ Icewater

Hapless, aka David Kelly, has a new music video up that he animated himself. Its good – unlike the Minnesota Vikings. Oh, wait.

Buy Hapless’ new album Futile, or visit the official site.

Lagunitas How to Video 1: Master The Butterfly Bottle Opener

Lagunitas is going to be doing a series of these videos. You better watch this one before you buy your own Lagunitas Butterfly Bottle Opener, or you’ll end up looking like the noob at 0:24.

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OMG! 美语 American Girl Teaches Slang to Chinese Speakers

Jessica Beinecke, a 24 year old Ohio native who speaks fluent Mandarin, teaches Chinese speakers how to use American slang on her YouTube channel OMG Meiyu. Highlights include “Totes magotes!!” and “You’re such a PEACH!.”

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Noses

These are rad. I don’t know how we didn’t see these Ninja Turtles before. They were right in front of us. View more on buzzfeed.

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Marionette Dances to Aidonia Song

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Retro Mad Men Playboy Covers – The Ladies of Madison Avenue

The folks at Tauntr have created Playboy’s Ladies of Madison Avenue, a satirical series of images as a response to the new (and now cancelled) show The Playboy Club (which they feel is a rip-off of television’s hit show Mad Men). The series is a set of fun but faux retro Playboy magazine covers featuring 4 ladies of Mad Men.

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