The Responses Your Comments Could Smell Like

More gold from Old Spice spokesman Isaiah Mustafa. He has begun posting personalized YouTube responses to your comments concerning their latest body wash ad. Watch all the responses on their YouTube channel here.

[via The Daily What.]

Schweppes Brings 1950s Christmas to Life

Schweppes brings classic 1950s Christmas illustrations to life with live-action arms and some funny scripts. Time to print these out large scale and do some improv for Christmas.

Read the full Adfreak article here. [Thanks Tyler.]

Old Style a Site

Picture 2

Add Old Style a site by adding this before any URL:

[Thanks Mike.]

Leroy Smith – The Man Who Motivated MJ

W+K NY recently combined two things I love–basketball and Charlie Murphy. Above is the infomercial for Get Your Basketball On starring Leroy Smith. Not only are these hilarious, but you can’t even tell its for Nike. View all the DVD clips here. [Thanks, DK]