FaceTracker: Swap Faces with Anyone

Be like Castor Troy and take someone’s face…off…

Realtime face substitution. Made with Kyle McDonald’s ofxFacetracker + Jason Saragih’s facetracker library. View their link here.

[via mr doob.]

Grow a Virtual 'Stache with CamStache

Like an Augmented Reality Moustache, only you don’t have to hold up a pesky AR code. CamStache magically grows a moustache on your upper lip and tracks your face as you stare in wonder. Snap a pic and share your glory with friends on Facebook and Twitter. An iPhone app version will be out soon.

Why’d we do this? All to get people in the mood for Petaluma Whiskerino & Crafterino this Saturday, October 9th. Are you growing to be there?

This Goatee-and-Ear-Plug combo is actually from the face of the CamStache developer, Malcolm Wilson.

Picture yourself with a winning Whiskerino ‘stache at CamStache.com.

Scion Take on the Machine :60

Check out the :60 spot from the Take on the Machine campaign. And take on the Machine yourself at www.takeonthemachine.com/ar.