If We Don't, Remember Me: Collection of Animated GIFs from Movies

If We Don’t, Remember Me is an animated gif blog dedicated to small details from film and cinema. Some of the really subtle ones are beautiful.

View them all here.

[thanks Ron.]

Double P.O.O.P.T.

Remember the P.O.O.P.T. (Passed Out On Public Transit) blog? We’ll I just saw a double P.O.O.P.T. Same woman right? See the submissions for yourself:

Submission 1 here.
Submission 2 here.

No Cats on the Blog

NCOTB is my new favorite blog. I stumbled upon it today and its filled with internet awesomeness. Its actually what this blog should really be…

See more at NCOTB.

Nic Cage as Everyone


When I saw the blog, Nic Cage as Everyone, I was crying because I laughed so hard.
Then I had to submit one. Hopefully PeeWee will show up on the blog soon…

Submit yours to niccageaseveryone@gmail.com

[Thanks Shaun.]

Beard Revue

Limited edition poster by Michael Buchino.
Check out the Flickr photos here.

Laith McGregor has some awesome beard artwork like this one.

Beard Revue is a blog dedicated for beard enthusiasts to review, comment on, and discuss beards. Content ranges from pop artists to tattoos to beard discussions about celebrities. [via Top 10: List by Jon]

Bacon Explosion

The BBQ Sausage Recipe of all Recipes got me searching for a few food blogs.
Here are my favorite two: This is why you’re fat and Scanwiches.

Thanks Wardinger.