EAReverently Trendy Ear iPhone Cases

From punk to financial advisor, EARonic iPhone cases allow you to rock the ears you’ve always wanted without being creepy whatsoever.

Look “EAReverently trendy” by throwing down $20 here.

[via geekologie.]

Creepy Remastered Baby Bullet Infomercial

Take one already creepy infomercial for The Original Baby Bullet; slow it down by 200%; add a pinch of backmasked music; get baked; and you’ve got yourself a fresh batch of Hell.

[via The Daily What.]

Disturbing Video of Talking Robot Mouth

Yup. This is the most horrifying thing I’ve seen today. Interesting to see some of the comments. Few people went toward scientific observations on sound and muscle movements, others compared it to the Fleshlight. Pretty much everyone finds it creepy. [via The Daily What.]