Official Daft Punk x Coca Cola Collaboration Bottles

The classic Coke glass bottle comes with gold and silver Coca-Cola logo application and matching Daft Punk bottle crown sitting on top. The silver one is actually 925 silver and the gold one features 18k yellow gold. Hand finished the bottles are sitting in a box designed by Daft Punk. The bottles were of course inspired by the helmets of the electronic duo. The signed box set is limited to only 20 sets worldwide.

You will be able to win the box set from September 30th until December 31st 2011 on

[via highsnobiety.]

How to Make a Daft Punk Helmet in 17 Months

27-year old prop maker, Harrison Krix, has spent the last 17 months perfecting this Daft Punk helmet. The process involved sculpting, resin casting, chroming and vacuum forming and much more. See a thorough documentation of how it was built on his site. And check out Volpin Props Flickr page for more photos.

[thanks Jacob.]