Follow Up: 4-Year Old Son now reacts to Se7en...

Remember Faris? The four-year-old who was adorably shocked to learn the true nature of Luke and Vader’s relationship? Well, it turns out Faris was caught on tape reacting to several other famous film twists.

4-Year Old Son's Reaction To Finding Out About Luke's Father

This is a video of 4-year old, Faris, and his sister learning about who Luke’s father is for the first time. Priceless.

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Darth Polo - An elegant polo for a more civilized age


Geeky design by GyleDesigns. Its not available yet but if you want it, we have to vote it through on Threadless.

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Darth Bater: Dark Knight x Dark Side Mashup

I find your lack of bat disturbing…

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The Dark Side of Typography

Evan Travelstead has created his own version of Darth Vader using typography and Vader quotes.

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Mashup: Darth Schwarzenegger

An earlier casting of Star Wars IV: A New Hope saw Arnold Schwarzenegger put a juvenile, jealous and rather perverted spin on Darth Vader’s explosive personality. George Lucas had second thoughts and cast James Earl Jones instead. Enjoy these exclusive clips from the “lost tapes” archives of Skywalker Ranch.

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Recording for TomTom GPS Yoda is

Here’s latest spot for TomTom GPS Star Wars Voices. No roundabound in this one, but its still good.
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And if you haven’t seen the Darth Vader one, here it is: