The Dark Side of Typography

Evan Travelstead has created his own version of Darth Vader using typography and Vader quotes.

via Gizmodo.

[thanks Greg.]

Pornkins - NSFW Pumpkin Carving Kit

Introducing Pornkins, the most not safe for work or neighborhood kids pumpkin carving kit. The Pornkins set, which is on sale for $20, includes 2 carving knifes, 1 poker tool, 1 instruction sheet, 1 scoop, and all 10 stencils. What you do with the set are up to you…

[via Gizmodo.]

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Star Trek vs Star Wars vs San Francisco

Ding dong! Hey nerds. What would happen if the Enterprise arrived to an alternative San Francisco, occupied by the Evil Galactic Empire? I think we all know what would happen.

via Gizmodo.