Google's HTML5 Jim Henson Masthead

Check it out today on And happy 75th Birthday Jim…

Thanks Will.

Google Engineer Turns Subway Lines Into Musical Instruments

Google engineer Alexander Chen created an HTML5 site using a NYC subway map. A musical note plays when lines intersect or when you rollover. Try it for yourself at

And read the article on Gizmodo or Fastco.

[thanks Greg.]

Google Gravity

More HTML5 action from Mr Doob. This time it comes in the shape of Google Gravity. All of the functionality of Google stays in tact, but you are able to shake your browser window to move elements around (much like Ball Pool).

[thanks Robyn.]

Arcade Fire - The Wilderness Downtown

Arcade Fire continues to push interactive videos with their newest Google Chrome experiment: The Wilderness Downtown. Its an interactive film by Chris Milk featuring “We Used To Wait” all built in HTML5.

The Wilderness Machine
A postcard is created by an analog signal: you. This site takes that postcard and converts it to digital. The Wilderness Machine brings it back to analog. Look for it on tour with the band in North America. If you’re lucky enough to get someone’s postcard from it, plant it. A tree will grow out of it.

Play it yourself here.

[thanks Andy.]

Ball Pool – HTML5

Mr Doob, or Ricardo Cabello, is a designer/developer that likes to play with the possibilities on the web. He’s done a variety of work, but his latest is an HTML5 experiment that allows you create a pool of balls and shake them when you shake your browser window.

Try it out for yourself here.

[via Rubbishcorp.]