Free Flexor - Beats the Shake Weight

This is just getting ridiculous. How are these getting through user-testing?

[thanks Ford.]

Creepy Remastered Baby Bullet Infomercial

Take one already creepy infomercial for The Original Baby Bullet; slow it down by 200%; add a pinch of backmasked music; get baked; and you’ve got yourself a fresh batch of Hell.

[via The Daily What.]

Montage of Non-Problems From Infomercials

You want to watch bad infomercials, but you don’t want to go from channel to channel to find them. With this montage, you get to see all the “problems” from infomercials. [via AdFreak > Kottke.]

Leroy Smith – The Man Who Motivated MJ

W+K NY recently combined two things I love–basketball and Charlie Murphy. Above is the infomercial for Get Your Basketball On starring Leroy Smith. Not only are these hilarious, but you can’t even tell its for Nike. View all the DVD clips here. [Thanks, DK]