Celebrities Photoshopped Into Portraits of 1800s Russian Generals

UK artist Steve Payne has been brilliantly photoshopping celebrities, friends, and family into 19th century paintings of Russian generals.

Check out George W. and Clint Eastwood after the jump.

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Dad Photoshops Ewoks Into His Family Pictures to Convince His Kids Ewoks Were Real

Dad of the year, Anthony Herrera, brought his kids to Sequoia National Park and told them Ewoks lived there. Of course, his kids ended up being disappointed when they didn’t see any Ewoks there. But don’t worry! Herrera added Ewoks to the background of his family pictures.

Thanks Ron.

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Pinup RDJ

There’s a tumblr blog full of Pinup RDJs. I haven’t seen anything this weird since Nic Cage as Everyone or Selleck Waterfall Sandwich.

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All Things Ackbar: It’s a blog!

You don’t realize how many spoofs have been done about Admiral Ackbar until they are all in one place. All Things Ackbar is a blog that features everything Achbar.

Submit your own Ackbar to submissions@allthingsackbar.com. Actually don’t.

Nic Cage as Everyone


When I saw the blog, Nic Cage as Everyone, I was crying because I laughed so hard.
Then I had to submit one. Hopefully PeeWee will show up on the blog soon…

Submit yours to niccageaseveryone@gmail.com

[Thanks Shaun.]

Photoshop Trainwreck Leads to Photoshop Contest

Yesterday, two screenshots of an ad from one of Microsoft’s sites began circling internet forums and blogs. One image shows a conference table with a standard group of diverse employees. The other image was from the Polish version of the same site, and it’s identical to the first one, except the head of the black man was replaced with a head of a white man.

This hilarious Photoshop fail leads to a hilarious Photoshop contest.


1. Download the blank Microsoft ad here.
2. Photoshop your best worst.
3. Email it here: photoshop.king@hotmail.com

Winners will be posted on Monday on the Umlaut.