Don Draper Says What?

What? What.

[via SF Egotist.]

Iron Man vs. Hugh Grant vs. Patrick Swayze

Badass versus awkward. I saw the Iron Man Bridget Jones mashup a couple days ago, but now Dirty Dancing? I hope there are a few more before the Iron Man 2 release in May. [via Wired.]

Dark Side of the Moon 8-Bit Remix

Side One
Side Two

Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” remixed to sound like an NES game.
Download the MP3s here. [via Nerdcore > MetaFilter.]

Skynet Symphonic

Sound bites from Terminator 2: Judgement Day cut up and remixed together. More from Pogo here. [via Rubbishcorp.]

Cold War Kids Interactive Music Video

Cold War Kids

Cold War Kids have made an interactive music video for their song I’ve Seen Enough. The site takes a second to load but is worth it. Mute/unmute different band members and change which songs they each are playing. [Thanks Mike]

Slap Chop Remix

DJ Steve Porter’s Slap Chop remix features Vince (the Shamwow guy) rapping and slapping. Bonus! Some other great examples of voice synthesizers: Im on a Boat, Sensual Seduction

Thanks Sean.