Bruno Mars Impersonates Various Musicians as a Pandora Intern on SNL

Great sketch premise. Pandora HQ goes down and needs someone to fill in the vocals. Intern Devin (Bruno Mars) steps in to save the day with vocal impersonations of various musicians such as Steven Tyler, Michael Jackson, and Justin Bieber.

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Mollaspace's $20 Armed Notebooks

Mollaspace’s $20 Armed Notebooks come with embossed weaponry silhouetted in their PVC covers. Available in grenade, dagger, and pistol. They’ve all got integrated keyrings, and it’s particularly strategic in the grenade’s case.

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Pretty nice sketch program made by Odopod. They have some nice brush effects and functionality that lets you embed your own sketch. My eye is nothing compared to what others have done. Take a look for yourself on Odosketch.

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