The Last Exorcism meets Chatroulette

Hands down the best use of Chatroulette for advertising to date. Smart, simple and I wish I did it.

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The Avengers Comic-Con Teaser

The logo reveal teaser for The Avengers that was shown before the cast came out at the San Diego Comic-Con is now online and can be watched using the player below! Imaginary Forces’ Ahmet Ahmet and Peter Frankfurt created the teaser for Paramount Pictures and Marvel Studios.

Read more at Superhero Hype.

[thanks Ron.]

New Tron: Legacy Trailer from

Here’s the new new theatrical trailer for Tron: Legacy from the Tron panel at Comic-Con. Thanks Trevor!
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Illegal Machete Trailer

Machete is a pure Mexploitation film directed by Robert Rodriguez. Its got a pretty insane cast with a special Cinco De Mayo message from Danny Trejo.

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New Tron Legacy Trailer.

If you haven’t seen it already, click the image to watch the new Tron Legacy trailer. Still looks badass. Still 9 months away. Also, looks like the Tron Evolution Game is coming out around the same time.

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Steven Seagal's Lawman, Tonight

I only hope its as good as the trailers. [Thanks Mel.]

Advertising Documentary Trailer: “Art & Copy”

See it big here. [via Unnecessary Umlaut]